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Gaga, Minaj, Lohan and Me

So I know I am going to destroy this lie but I really think it is worth noting.  This past weekend my friend and I attended a Philly college party.  It was the typical drunken night, underage kids stumbling around, trying to dance in an empty kitchen, while spilling drinks all over one another.  We both fit right in.  Throughout the night we both ended up meeting so many different people in two very different ways; he knew people from make out sessions, while I met people through lying.  For those that read my blog and I met that night, you will now learn the story I am going to retell to the world...is 100% false.  I’m sorry but you spent the night meeting a complete character.  Though it was fun thinking of lies on the spot, I apologize for this story…and you believing all of it.

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