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Sugar Daddy’s are more than Candy

I was going over my horrible spending habits this past weekend because I am looking into buying a new car.  I realized I spent WAY too much on life.  Most of it on new clothing because a boy can never have enough pairs of shoes.  This got me thinking though; I went on a date a few weeks ago with a boy who was very nice, we had dinner, enjoyed a movie, and had great conversation.  We went to a really nice restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  The only issue was all night the conversation seemed to go back to finances.  I love myself a sugar daddy as much as the next guy but I really didn’t like the idea of talking about how much money he made.  So after a few extra stong drinks, I was able to drown him out while he went on about those “great conversation pieces” I mentioned earlier.  The night concluded, and by the time I left I am pretty sure I could have been his certified accountant.  I was quite taken back by the amount of information he was willing to share.  So as I got back into my beat up, run down, 600 dollar, 2000 dodge neon, I thought to myself could I even date a guy who was out of my wealth range?

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