Post Text Message Thoughts:

textingEveryone has gone through this in their life…they send a text to someone they like and then the anxiety begins to build as you wait for a response:

1 Minute goes by:

I can’t wait for him to get this!

2 Minutes:

Oh they must really be sending a long response back…

3 Minutes:

I wonder if he got it?

4 Minutes:

Maybe I should send a followup text with a question in it…

5 Minutes:

Ugh what is he DOING?!?!

6 Minutes:

He must be talking to someone.

7 Minutes:

Maybe he’s on the phone…

8 Minutes:

Who uses the phone these days, he should be texting me back.

9 Minutes:

It’s been like an HOUR whats wrong with him! Oh it hasn’t even been 10 minutes yet.

10 Minutes:

Ok stop looking at the phone, he will answer when he’s ready to.

11 Minutes:

Well I might miss him…is my volume all the way up?

12 Minutes:

Am I creep? I mean really I must have better things to do by now…

13 Minutes:

Nope definitely don’t have anything better to do…

15 min.14 Minutes:

What if I was dying…he would never know until it’s to late.

15 Minutes:

What if he’s dieing…

16 Minutes:

No he’s to pretty to die…

17 Minutes:

His phone must be dead because we ALWAYS text back and forth right away.

18 Minutes:

But I know he never lets his phone die…

19 Minutes:

He’s cheating on me.

20 Minutes:

Yea it’s been 20 minutes…he’s totally with another man.

21 Minutes:

I swear I’ll beat the crap out of him if I find he’s with that kid Jerry…

22 Minutes:

You know what…Jerry hasn’t texted me all day either…it MUST be him.

23 Minutes:

I’ll text Jerry.

24 Minutes:

Oh a text! Damn you mom…yes I will be home for dinner!

25 Minutes:

Oh a text! Ugh…MOM!…ignore

26 Minutes:

I hate you and Jerry for doing this to me.

27 Minutes:

We aren’t even together what am I doing?

28 Minutes:

Jerry is uglier than me anyway so forget the both of you.

29 Minutes:

30 min.Well forget you Jerry…

30 Minutes:

Oh a text! Damn you Jerry…well at least I know you’re not with my man.

31 Minutes:

So what is he doing then…

32 Minutes:

I’ll text him again.

33 Minutes:

What should I say?

34 Minutes:

Common Matt, think of something, your wasting valuable time.

35 Minutes:

I’ll do a smiley face…thats creative.

36 Minutes:

God I’m dumb…a smiley face?  How original.

37 Minutes:

He probably thinks I’m a stalker now.

38 Minutes:

He’s probably gonna answer with something just as creative as that dumb smiley face…an L-O-L.

39 Minutes:

This relationship is doomed.

40 Minutes:

Doesn’t he care enough about me to answer my texts?

41 Minutes:

I’ll check his Facebook and see if he posted any new statuses.

42 Minutes:

God 3G is slow…I should have upgraded to the new iPhone.

43 Minutes:

Nope no new statuses…how about Twitter…he’s always Tweeting.

45 minutes44 Minutes:

No Tweets either…hmmm…this is so unlike him…is he at work?

45 Minutes:

No he doesn’t work today so he has to be at home.

46 Minutes:


47 Minutes:

I should probably just go drive over to see him.

48 Minutes:

That’s to risky for me to look like I’m obsessed.

49 Minutes:

Who am I kidding I am…we’ve been talking for like 2 weeks and have so much in common.

50 Minutes:

And I’m sure not getting any younger…

51 Minutes:


52 Minutes:

How should I respond without looking to forward.

53 Minutes:

Maybe I should wait a few minutes to respond.

54 Minutes:

It’s been two minutes…that long enough.

55 Minutes:

See he does like me…we are going to be great together!

56 Minute goes by:

I can’t wait for him to get this!

57 Minutes:

Oh they must really be sending a long response back…

1 hour58 Minutes:

I wonder if he got it?

59 Minutes:

Maybe I should send a followup text with a question in it…

60 Minutes:

Ugh what is he DOING?!?!

And so on…So that’s my life in 60 minutes after I send a text to a kid I like.  Hope you enjoyed…be sure to follow me on here, and like my Facebook Page!

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One response to “Post Text Message Thoughts:

  1. You have way to much free time on your hands if your able to focus on your phone for a text message response for that long, LOL. I’m probably one of the few people that reply’s to a text message within moments of receiving it. I have a feeling your like me though Matt. When you fall for a guy you fall fast and hard. And then you start to jump to conclusions. Like me you need to be patient and let nature take it’s course.

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